Off-the-Grid Dome Home and Ranch

Just two short hours from DFW, Austin, or Houston, this custom-built, monolithic dome home offers a sustainable, protected, and unique underground living experience on 40 acres of Texas rolling hills and wildlife.

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Deepwater spring-fed well, filtered & stored with septic tank & 20 KVA back-up electric generator


Steel-reinforced concrete, insulated with polyurethane foam blanketed with airform


Protection from earthquakes, impacts, lightning, wind,  water, bullets, aerosol-Poison 


Two short hours from Austin, Houston, & DFW.


Available with only 10% down. Call for more details.

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underground dome home tunnel
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underground dome home kitchen
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3 bedroom underground dome home
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master bedroom underground dome home
dome home master bedroom
master bathroom underground dome home
master bathroom underground dome home
master bathroom underground dome home
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master closet underground dome home
master closet underground dome home

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This self-sustainable property was built completely underground using the monolithic-patented construction process. Monolithic domes are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, incredibly strong, and provide ultimate disaster protection.


Dubbed the ‘invisible dome’, this earth-bermed shelter hides under 40-acres of agriculture-ready land. The fenced property has two large distribution warehouses, two utility sheds, and a dome garage wired to be a two-story dome.


The ability to operate off the grid is just one of the many benefits of this dome home. Popularly known for their unique design, dome homes were engineered to provide an affordable and safe home built based on strength, efficiency, and survivability.


Engineered for strength and sustainability, dome homes are designed and constructed to be passed down to and used for multiple generations. With easy maintenance, this sturdy home can last for decades to come.


Called a micro-energy user, dome homes use about one-fourth of the energy used by other types of structures to maintain a comfortable interior. A monolithic dome home takes less energy to heat or cool than a super-insulated metal building or a conventional house.


This one-of-a-kind home likely cannot be destroyed by most natural or manmade disasters. Monolithic Domes meet FEMA’s standards for providing near-absolute protection. Their lifespan is measured in centuries, not years. 


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